• The slim design provides a nice feeling of grip along with easy handling. 
  • The low-voltage battery enables safe operation. 
  • The simple operation enables you to learn easily and quickly. 
  • The thermo-plasticized method of filling makes speedy treatment. 
  • Easy and Quick obturation with accurate and predictable filling. 
  • Excellent apical control & obturation of anatomically complicated canals.



TF Meets Clinician Needs

During a survey conducted by the Boston Consulting Group, hundreds of clinicians were asked to rate the importance of features in a rotary NiTi system. The three highest priorities among clinicians were:

  • More predictable results 
  • Minimized separation 
  • Improved flexibility

The Twisted File (TF) is designed to meet clinician needs by making rotary root canal preparation safer and more predictable. It is the first and only file to combine three unique proprietary processes to deliver unsurpassed strength and flexibility, resulting in a higher level of doctor and patient satisfaction. TF is twisted to maintain grain structure.

TF Design Features

  • Twisted design, not ground 
  • Surface deoxidation treatment 
  • Triangular cross-section 
  • Variable pitch Safe-ended tip 
  • One-piece design 
  • Laser marks Color-coding 

TF Clinical Benefits

  • Complete most cases using three files or less 
  • Simple to use 
  • Easy to learn 
  • Simple sequence 
  • Can be used in any canal anatomy 
  • Cuts exceptionally well 
  • Tracks smoothly 
  • Minimizes transportation 
  • Reduces treatment time

Painless injections using Dental Vibe: